Notes and Thoughts on Strace for Windows

July 28, 2019
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strace and it’s cousin ltrace are well known and invaluable diagnostic and debugging tools for Linux. Here are articles explaining how they work: How does strace work?, How does ltrace work?. But what about Windows?

There are tools for Windows that provide a similar functionality to strace/ltrace on Linux. From all of the following tools, drstrace, Nektra SpyStudio and Rohitab API Monitor are most realiable and useful.

Strace for Windows from Dr. Memory

drstrace works by using the Dr. Syscall System Call Monitoring Extension


Home page: System Call Tracer (“strace”) for Windows

Nektra SpyStudio



Home page: SpyStudio API Monitor

Windows API Monitor from rohitab



Home page: API Monitor

StraceNT from IntellectualHeaven

StraceNT works by using Import Address Table (IAT) patching . Implementation is explained in this article along with others system call hooking techniques.



Home page: StraceNT - A System Call Tracer for Windows


NtTrace can be used to execute a program or to attach to an existing process by PID or, using the -a option, by name. It works by using the Windows debug interface to place breakpoints in NtDll



Home page: NtTrace - Native API tracing for Windows

Legacy projects

Does not work on new Windows versions.

API Monitor

Display Win32 API calls made by applications.


Home page: Win32 API Monitor

strace from BindView

Can be found on the web site. It uses the system call hooking technique described by Undocumented Windows NT. Source code is provided under the terms of BindView’s Open Source license.

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